Mandibular Advancement

Invisalign Teen with Mandibular advancement, is the first clear aligner solution for Class II correction in growing teen patients. A Class II correction combines treatment to move the lower jaw forward while simultaneously aligning the teeth.

Improving your profile

Mandibular advancement is mostly used to help treat overbite.
Overbite is very common, occurring in 30-45% of all orthodontic teen treatment cases. Overbite impacts not only a person’s chewing ability, it also impacts their profile. A retruded lower jaw can give the appearance of a weak chin, leading to an unattractive appearance. Advancing the jaw improves the profile and helps to make chewing more natural and comfortable.

Invisalign Teen with Mandibular advancement offers a simpler, more efficient and patient-friendly treatment option than braces and other appliances without the need for elastics typically used to treat teen Class II patients.

Jaw Advancement without Elastics

Advancing the jaw as part of orthodontic treatment involves the application of  constant steady force to your lower jaw. When using the traditional wire braces this force is usually applied with unsightly and uncomfortable elastics or rubber bands that run from the upper jaw to the lower jaw, pulling the lower jaw forward.

Invisalign doesn’t have wires and brackets, so we need to use a more innovative approach. Invisalign accomplishes the movement of the jaw using amazing “precision wings.” These wings are located on the upper and lower aligners. The wings interlock to hold the lower jaw forward, subsequently, this is the first clear aligner solution that improves the treatment experience for teens needing Class II correction by straightening their teeth and improving jaw position, all at the same time.

Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement offers so many benefits:

  • Provides a clinically proven treatment that provides amazing cost and time savings
  • Provides elastic-free correction – Dispensing with the use of unsightly elastic bands.
  • Provides increased patient comfort during treatment.
  • Provides up to 50 percent shorter treatment times when combined with weekly aligner changes.

At Fresh Smiles we will be able to treat our patients with the new and innovative Invisalign Teen clear aligners with Mandibular advancement.  A great new appliance that will not only achieves superior results, but will help treat our patients more efficiently and in a lot less time.

Why not come in and learn more about this amazing new treatment.