Propel VibraPro5.

VibraPro is an innovative orthodontic device that uses high frequency vibrations to help speed up tooth movement by stimulating the bone during Orthodontic treatment.

When used in conjunction with Invisalign, the VibraPro can cut your treatment time in half, which means instead of wearing each Aligner for 2 weeks at a time you only need to wear each Aligner for 1 week before changing to the next.

Not only does the VibraPro help speed up treatment but it also helps to ensure that your Aligners are fully engaged and are sitting secure around your teeth. Correct fitting Aligners means you won’t have any delayed tooth movement throughout the treatment which can sometimes lead to having to get additional Aligners made towards the end of your treatment.

Are you wondering if you have time to fit the VibraPro into your busy schedule? Well the answer is, Yes, you sure do have time!

The VibraPro only requires 5 minutes of your time, every day. It is small and portable and comes with both a USB charger and a wall adapter, so no matter where you are you can always make sure it is charged, and because of its small size, it packs up nicely into your makeup bag or car glove box so you can take it everywhere you go.

Did we mention it is also waterproof?! That’s right, you can even use it when you’re in the shower!

For only 5 minutes of your time every day, you can have a straighter, brighter smile sooner then you ever thought. All that is required of you is to make sure that for 5 minutes during your day you bite down gently on the vibrating mouthpiece, you don’t even need to watch the clock as the VibrPro will let you know when its five minutes is up.

The VibraPro is simply, easy and fast! If you would like more information on this device please contact our friendly reception staff on 5244 4466 and let them tell you more.

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