Fresh Smiles, we’re supporting a Giant of a club!

Fresh Smiles, are proud to be supporting the amazing Geelong West Giants. Our association with this innovative new club encompasses 770 junior and senior players in the combined netball and football leagues, over 40 junior and senior football and netball teams and over 2500 families, friends and past players.

The Geelong West GIANTS is a ‘new’ club in the Geelong region – building on a combined history of over 240 years of football and netball for Geelong West. The club has been formed as an innovative joint venture between the Geelong West St Peters ROOSTERS, the Geelong West CHEETAHS and the Geelong West GIANTS that add so much to junior sport development for the wider Geelong West community.

Fresh Smiles are playing a small part in the bigger picture, we are supporting an important community organization, an organization that has already become an integral part of Geelong West and the wider Geelong community.