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Wisdom teeth and Orthodontic treatment

Wisdom teeth are the very back molars that come through last, generally later on in life in your teens to early 20’s. Our patients, new and existing, always have so many questions when it comes to their wisdom teeth; Do I have wisdom teeth? Do my wisdom teeth need to be removed? Will my wisdom...

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Helpful tips for patients with braces

Having braces is an exciting journey, you are one step closer to a straighter, brighter smile! Although it is an exciting time, you may still face some challenges along the way which is why we have put together some helpful tips and tricks for our patients who are currently in orthodontic treatment with braces;  ...

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When is the right time to visit an Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age but early intervention at a young age can make orthodontic treatment easier and faster for your child. It is recommended that from the age of 3 your child should start seeing a General Dentist. Regular dental visits will ensure that the health and development of your families...

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Foods to avoid when you have Braces over the Christmas period.

Christmas time is a very tempting time when it comes to delicious cooked lunches and sweet treats, but unfortunately if you are currently in Orthodontic treatment with Braces, or any other fixed metal appliance, you need to be mindful of what you are eating. Below is a ‘traffic light’ list of foods that you need...

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Benefits of Smiling.

At Fresh Smiles orthodontics we are dedicated to creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Orthodontic treatment not only gives you teeth that are in alignment and a corrected bite, but gives you the confidence to smile, no more hiding those teeth! And with smiling comes a whole lot of other benefits that you may not realise....

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Payment plan options for Orthodontic treatment.

The biggest joy we receive at Fresh Smiles is when we see the impact of a healthy, straighter smile on our patients. We often see the amazing change in the confidence and demeanour of many of our patients. People young and old have their confidence renewed and feel happier in themselves when they receive a...

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Why straighten crooked teeth?

Besides the obvious point of straightening teeth, creating a perfect smile, why should you think about straightening crooked and crowded teeth with orthodontics?   Everyone will have their own reasons as to why they would like a straighter, brighter smile, but not all those reasons are the same. When it comes to orthodontics, we not...

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COVID-19 and your Orthodontic appointment

To ensure we are playing our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19 we are putting some different protocols in place at both our Belmont and Newtown practices. We want to make sure that our staff, patients and their families are safe and feel comfortable attending the practice during these challenging and different times.  ...

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Orthodontic emergencies and FAQ

EARLY/PREVENTATIVE TREATMENT:  If you are actively turning an appliance and your child is due for their routine check appointment, please take photos of your child’s mouth and email to [email protected] (Photos should include a central shot of the child’s teeth from front on, bite closed, a smiling photo, and if possible a photo of the...

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Hand hygiene and handling your Aligners and Retainers

Hand hygiene is a simple everyday task that we all do daily, but are we washing our hands correctly and often enough? We are currently experiencing some big changes in the World regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and it has come to light that the simple task of washing our hands is sometimes not a priority...

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