• Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Melbourne.
  • Graduated in 2010.
  • Prior to studying worked as a dental nurse for four years.
  • Has been involved in Dentistry for more than 15 years.

Job title/role

  • Oral Health Therapist/Treatment Coordinator.
  • Has worked in many different sectors of the dental industry such as general, public and even demonstrating for La Trobe University dental students.
  • Favourite role by far is the role played as an Oral Health Therapist and Treatment Coordinator at Fresh Smiles Orthodontics.

Why you enjoy your role/job

  • Orthodontics is very rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Seeing people’s smiles change over their treatment time and the exciting moment when we reveal their new smile to them!
  • We have the best team at Fresh Smiles Orthodontics and every day is fun with Craig and the staff.

A little bit about yourself

  • Runs a busy household with two girls.
  • Loves spending time outdoors on the weekend at the beach and going bushwalking.
  • Taking her spaniel dog for walks.
  • Loves spending time cooking in the kitchen with her family and they are always fighting over who gets to eat the last dumpling!