A short history of Dentistry and Orthodontics

Throughout human history we have been pulling out rotting and aching teeth, even since the stone-age times. For century’s mankind has struggled with the care and attention we all now take for granted. The idea of fillings or work to repair our teeth, or the ability to care adequately for our teeth is really a modern reality.

The First records

In fact, rotten teeth and aching teeth had only became a common problem very recently – about 10,000 years ago – at the dawn of the Neolithic period, a time when our ancestors began farming. Relatively sophisticated dentistry emerged soon after. In the last decade or so archaeologists have found evidence from cultures across the world that bad teeth were scraped, scoured, even drilled and filled apparently to remove decayed tissue.

In fact it is believed that carbohydrate enriched diets had been a major cause of tooth decay around the first farming period.

The first ever dental drill was found in Pakistan and was believed to be first invented and used over 7,000 years ago!

Today, beautiful healthy teeth need the care and attention to ensure tooth decay and gum disease are things of the past. With today’s improved treatments and skill of orthodontics, having more healthy teeth is now the norm. But even today healthy teeth still need the care and attention, to ensure a fresh, healthy smile.

For women, a hormonal change during pregnancy has known links to increased inflammation of the gums. It also leads to changes in the pH of saliva that make it less able to neutralise the acids associated with tooth decay.

At Fresh Smiles we often work with patients who have misaligned or damaged teeth and use affordable orthodontic treatment to build beautiful smiles for both young and older patients alike. One of our most popular and cost effective options for misaligned teeth is our invisible Invisalign solution, the use of Invisalign from the team at Fresh Smiles Orthodontics has improved the smiles of hundreds of patient throughout Geelong, The Surfcoast, Western District and Bellarine Peninsula.

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