Geelong braces

What you need to know about wearing braces

Conventional braces are not what they use to be so forget about them being big and bulky. Today’s metal and clear braces are barely noticeable and we will work with you to find an option that suits you and delivers comfort and will achieve the best results. They come in a range of fun colours that can be changed every visit!

Benefits of braces from Fresh Smiles

  • Designs are streamlined and small compared to traditional braces.
  • Advanced design and superior materials means reduced treatment times.
  • Indirect bonding system using computer-generated trays that make placement super comfortable and easy.
  • Super-elastic flexible wires that make each wire change appointment easy and comfortable.
  • Discrete designed brackets that make it easy to clean and care for.

Belmont braces consultations

If you’re looking for an orthodontic treatment in Geelong to straighten your teeth, perfect your smile and increase your confidence, then contact us about braces and clear braces.

Orthodontists have been using braces to help create straighter smiles for decades. At Fresh Smiles Orthodontics, we are specialists in orthodontics, utilising the latest teeth straightening technologies and treatments.

Why braces?

Braces are one of the most effective means of straightening your teeth and achieving beautiful smiles. While alternative teeth straightening treatments such as Invisalign are great in many cases, they may not work for every patient. For people with severe dental crowding, impacted teeth and other bite issues, braces are the best method of achieving those outstanding results.

We’ve come a long way

Braces can provide a great benefit for people of all ages, however many patients feel nervous about braces because they’re worried about how they will look during treatment. The good news is, braces have come a long way over the past decade. They are far less noticeable than you might imagine.

What do I need to know about wearing braces?

Our Belmont orthodontists are here to answer all your questions about your orthodontic treatment options and to discuss the most suitable treatment for you and your family.

During your initial braces consultation, we’ll discuss with you the approximate estimate of the time that you will need to wear braces, dependent on your bite or presenting problem, and show you how to ensure your braces are always cleaned and perfectly cared for, so you can keep your treatment time to a minimum.

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