About our orthodontic clinic in Geelong

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At Fresh Smiles Orthodontics, we know a confident smile will create a more confident you.

Orthodontics literally means straighten (ortho) teeth (dontic).

We are a specialist orthodontic clinic in Geelong. That means our orthodontist is a dentist specialist who has completed three extra years of full-time study and a Master of Dentistry degree to become an expert in orthodontics.

A specialist orthodontist must cease general dentistry and stay within their orthodontic specialty. It’s just like a specialist in medicine can’t carry out general medical treatments, similarly the amateur golfer can buy the very best golf clubs but their result most of the time is not as good as the professional’s.

We provide the very best professional consultation and care for you and your family’s orthodontic needs. We specialise in the alignment and straightening of teeth using many different appliances, including traditional braces and the Invisalign series of clear aligners system, to ensure you maintain the very best in oral hygiene and dental health.

Book your free consultation today at our orthodontic clinic in Belmont and ask us how we can improve your smile and well-being.