Age to consider Braces or Orthodontic Treatment for your Child?

At Fresh Smiles we believe it is a good idea to have your child’s teeth checked at around 7 years of age. Interestingly a child’s dental age is sometimes different to their real calendar age, meaning that some kids are more advanced and may need treatment a little earlier than normal. An orthodontic evaluation by the time a child is 7 years old will help to create a roadmap for treatment and our orthodontist’s have the additional training, understanding and the expertise to offer support or specialty treatment in aligning and straightening teeth for young children.

We strongly recommend that the best time for your child to get dental treatment depends on the severity and the cause of the misalignment of your child’s teeth.

Traditionally, treatment with dental braces or clear Invisalign aligners begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby teeth, and when the majority of his or her adult teeth have grown in — usually between the ages of 8 and 14.

When a child has most of his or her adult teeth, a second phase of treatment is started — usually with dental braces or with the Invisalign clear brace system. This second phase sometimes shortens the traditional course of treatment if an early age treatment strategy has been implemented.

At Fresh Smiles we believe that early intervention makes correction for your child’s teeth easier.

The best choice for you and your child will largely depend on the severity of your child’s dental problems. Talk with one of our orthodontist’s at Fresh Smiles Belmont or Fresh Smiles Newtown about the best course of action for your child.