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At Fresh Smiles we’re giving you more choice!

We understand how little time we all have in our busy lives.

Fresh Smiles Belmont are here to make life a little easier with the choice of two clinics on two locations in Geelong, specialising in oral heath including Invisalign the clear braces, braces, teeth whitening and much more.For all those busy mums and dad picking the kids up from Sacred Heart, Geelong College or St Joseph’s, our Fresh Smiles Belmont surgery is the place to get all treatment easily from the school gates.

Your child can in most cases walk quite safely to our Belmont site and our appointment scheduling is well set to include after school hours. Our Fresh Smiles Belmont site, offers the convenience of the Belmont shopping strip and a multitude of free car parking on the southern side of Geelong.

For our clients coming in from the coast, from seaside towns that include Torquay, Anglesea. Lorne, Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Pt Lonsdale & Queenscliff; our orthodontic practice is well positioned in High Street Belmont, allowing patients the opportunity to make an appointment without the hassle of having to drive into Geelong or the city centre and find a park. Which is never easy!

Our original Belmont site includes the latest technologies and our professional staff our trained in the latest techniques in orthodontics. We know that by staying ahead of the curve, we can offer our patients the best possible results.

At Fresh Smiles we are giving you more choice and the best possible service in our Geelong site in High Street in Belmont.

Call our friendly staff today and see how you have more choices with Fresh Smiles!