Do’s and Don’ts for Christmas dinner and braces

Hi everyone well we are not far away from Christmas and we thought for those of you wearing braces we would give a quick reminder about the right food to eat over the Christmas break!

You should always avoid hard sticky foods, but you need to be extra careful at Christmas time with all the delicious temptations around. Foods that you have to give a miss this Christmas are; Pork crackling, candy canes, cherry pips, shortbread, chocolate covered nuts and nuts, Hardy chewy chocolate bars and nougat, crusty breads.

Things you can still enjoy around the Christmas table are; Ham, soft breads with no grains, plain chocolate that can melt in your mouth, fruits without pips such as watermelon and grapes, potato chips,…but don’t put too many in your mouth at once!

There will be lots of sugary temptations around the Christmas table also, so make sure if you treat yourself to a soft drink, use a straw and if you have treats such as ice-cream, hot chocolates, jelly and any other sugary treat, make sure you have a glass of water afterwards. Sugary foods will stick around your brackets and if you don’t clean correctly when your braces are removed you might find little white spots on your teeth where the sugar has started to eat away at your enamel.

It’s also important to remember that if you eat hard, chewy foods and you break wires or brackets, it can add an extra 1-2 months on to your treatment time….just another reason to make sure your careful this Christmas!

And remember we will be here on certain days over the holiday season so if something does go wrong we are here to help you!

And don’t forget our surgery will be open for emergency appointments over the summer Christmas holidays on Thursday 29th December and Friday 30th December 2016 and on Tuesday 3rd January and 5th January 17.

For more information on our summer hours or If you would like more information, or if you have an emergency; please contact our friendly reception staff at Fresh Smiles Belmont & Fresh Smiles Newtown on 5244 4466 to make an appointment.