A Gooey Play-Doe Impression or a clean Digital Impression?

We are learning new things today at Fresh Smiles orthodontics!

Posted by Fresh Smiles Orthodontics on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Would you like Gooey Play Doe Impression of your Teeth or a quick and clean Digital Impression of your Mouth?

Dr. Craig Scott at Fresh Smiles incorporated the 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner into his practice back in early 2016. We wanted a machine that could do full-arch impressions in a short amount of time without any powders or materials.

Most patients are tired of having the gooey impression material in the mouths so we decided on the TRIOS 3. With this digital scanner we are able to visualize and take digital impressions of the teeth and soft tissue. It gives us the ability to take, high-resolution pictures of our patients that can then be sent instantly to our lab.

More comfort for our patients.

Most patients don’t like to have impression material in their mouth because it causes them to gag. It can even make some patients feel claustrophobic. And, of course, if you don’t capture a good impression on the first try, you have to redo it. Taking a digital impression is much more convenient for our patients

We can also show our patients their impressions on the screen, they can see what their teeth look like and we can point out other problems like staining or decay.

The main benefit for our patients is speed. There is almost no waiting time for the digital impression we can start working with our patients once we receive the digital impressions on immediately receive it on our computers.

Digital Patient Monitoring

This wonderful new system allows us to use the TRIOS digital color impressions to systematically monitor treatment and oral health over time.

We can now compare patient scans taken over time. Tracking and checking, for complications and conditions that include gingival retraction, bruxism and teeth movement, the digital scanning can also highlight changes to the mouth that may require action instantly on the computer screen.