Personalised Invisalign treatment plan? You can at Fresh Smiles

How does the Invisalign treatment plan work?

At Fresh Smiles we are often asked about how the Invisalign treatment plan works, so, we have put together a timeline to give you some insights into the first stage of the Invisalign process.

  1. the scanning process
  2. your personalized Clincheck treatment plan
  3. the manufacture of your aligners.

1. The scanning process….It all starts with a scan!

Once you have decided to go with the Invisalign treatment at Fresh Smiles we take an Oral 3D scan of your teeth.

This scan takes thousands of multiple pictures of your teeth to create an exact replica of your mouth.

The scan will be taken by one of our qualified oral heath therapists or dental nurses.

Once the scan is complete, we send the scan of your mouth and all corresponding x-rays and photos to the Invisalign laboratories.

The scans, x-rays and photos are all loaded up onto the Invisalign Doctor site at the Invisalign Laboratory. Dr Craig Scott then works on your personalized Clincheck treatment plan remotely on this specialised Invisalign site.

2. Your personalised Clincheck treatment plan

The Clincheck program has been developed by Invisalign, this amazing treatment program is designed to help create a unique, individual treatment plan that is personalised for each patient.

Dr Scott will use the ClinCheck treatment program to make adjustments to your scan, when he is happy with the result; he will then send the updated scan back to the Invisalign technicians. The Invisalign technicians then make the changes and adjustments that have been requested by Dr Scott.

This process can take between 4-6 weeks; this is due to Dr Scott re-assessing each change every time the Invisalign technicians send back your updated scan.

Once Dr Scott has made all adjustments and is happy with the final outcome, you, are then ready to come in and visit us to view your very own personalized ClinCheck treatment plan.

We even make your very own movie!

Once your Clincheck treatment plan is ready for viewing, our reception staff will contact you to arrange your next appointment.

At this visit, you will sit down with one of our Invisalign treatment coordinators who will take you through your customized Clincheck treatment plan.

The treatment coordinators will explain everything is detail regarding your Invisalign treatment, including how many Aligners you will have and roughly how long treatment will take.

Best of all, you will be able to view a little movie that will show you the before and after of your very own Invisalign treatment!

At this appointment, it is best to ask any questions that you may have about any aspect of the Invisalign treatment.
Up until this point, we can still make any changes to your treatment that you may want.

3. the manufacture of your aligners is underway!

Once you are happy with your personalised ClinCheck treatment plan, your Invisalign coordinator will then approve your aligners ready for manufacture.

It will then take approximately two weeks for your Invisalign Aligners to arrive at Fresh Smiles Orthodontics.

You are then ready to get started on your Invisalign treatment!