Helpful tips for patients with braces

Having braces is an exciting journey, you are one step closer to a straighter, brighter smile!

Although it is an exciting time, you may still face some challenges along the way which is why we have put together some helpful tips and tricks for our patients who are currently in orthodontic treatment with braces;


  • Make sure you brush at least twice daily. Morning and night and when possible after lunch.
  • Floss daily to remove any food that may have become stuck.
  • Carry your piksters/interdental brushes with you for any cleaning emergencies.
  • Keep your orthodontic wax close by for any rubbing brackets or long wires. This will help keep you feeling comfortable until we can see you for an appointment.
  • Do not eat any hard, chewy or sticky foods that can damage your braces.
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods, as diets high in sugar and acid can cause damage to the surface enamel on your teeth which could leave to cavities.
  • If you are wearing elastics for bite correction, make sure you are wearing them 24/7. Elastics should only be removed when cleaning your teeth and eating.
  • Make sure you carry spare elastics with you at all times so they can be replaced if broken. Elastics should be changed daily.
  • Make sure you attend all your scheduled orthodontic appointments. This way we can make sure your treatment stays on track with no delays.
  • Make sure you visit your General dentist throughout treatment for regular check-ups and cleans.


Although some days may be a little harder than others, your smile journey will most definitely be worth it!

Remember, a smile is journey that sets everything straight.