Love your teeth!

Last week was Dental health week and this year it was all about loving your teeth.

To celebrate Dental heath week we thought we would share some helpful tips when it comes to taking care of your smile.

Even when in orthodontic treatment it is important to make sure that you keep up with your 6 monthly dental check ups. We specialise in orthodontic treatment at Fresh Smiles, which means we do not practice any general dentistry.

Although you may attend the practice on a regular basis for routine orthodontic appointments, our operators are paying attention to your orthodontic needs.


Tooth tips!

  • You should be brushing twice daily with a soft toothbrush, using circular motions.
  • Flossing daily will help keep your gums pink and healthy.
  • Piksters/Interdental brushes are the perfect on the go tool to help keep your braces and other orthodontic appliances clean and free from food.
  • Children’s toothpaste, with fluoride, should be used from 18 months to 6 years. From 6 years of age, you can then change to adult toothpaste.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet, which should include dairy, raw fruit and vegetables and plenty of water.
  • Reduce your risk of tooth decay by limiting your sugar intake. You should try not to consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.
  • When it comes to whitening your teeth, leave it to the professionals. Discuss whitening options with your Dentists or Orthodontist to see what they recommend.
  • Fun fact, did you know that an average dental x-ray has less radiation then taking a flight from Darwin to Perth. There is no need to be concerned of dental radiographs, your Orthodontist and Dentist will only take them when required.

Don’t have a regular general Dentists? Reach out to our reception staff or ask us next time you visit, and we can recommend a Dentist.

Look after and love your teeth, so you can keep them for a lifetime!