How much is Invisalign?

Depending on how extensive the treatment required is will depend on the total investment.
Invisalign treatment has a number of different levels, this is to cater for the different levels of treatment and care the patient requires or is wanting.

Invisalign Comprehensive, Invisalign Moderate, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign Express are the different tiers of treatment that Invisalign have on offer. Each tier will allow for different levels of tooth movement and bite correction.

To determine what treatment may be required, our orthodontist Dr Vanessa Hawkins, will complete an initial complimentary consultation where we will take radiographs and photos so that a detailed and personalised treatment plan can be completed on the day, including a quote.

Each treatment plan is customised to the needs of the patient. Dr Hawkins will discuss the best treatment options for both Alignment and bite correction. We will also discuss the wants of the patient and adjust the treatment plan to fit their lifestyle or customise the treatment as best we can to help them achieve what they are hoping for.

We offer payment plans with small deposits and offer discounts for upfront payments.
Payment plans can be spread over a 24 month period with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. We do our best to help where we can so encourage new patients to discuss any financial concerns so we can do our best to ease any pressure.