How to look after your braces while on holiday

Now you have started your smile journey with Geelong orthodontic specialists Fresh Smiles it is important to know how to care for your braces.

To get through your treatment with the least hassle possible there are certain things you need to know about managing braces daily:

Here are some helpful tips from your friendly Orthodontist in Belmont to avoid discomfort and breakages over the holiday period.

Practice Good Oral hygiene:

If you can, brushing after every meal makes sure there is no extra food particles around the brackets and teeth.  There are some additional tools to help with keeping your teeth clean which would have been discussed at the time you started your treatment.

These include water picks, interdental brushes, mouth rinses and electric tooth brushes with small heads to get under the braces and wires.

Stay away from Problematic foods:

We know it is tempting to reach for that candy cane, or to try the pork crackling and corn on the Cobb on Christmas Day, however you will regret that decision when a bracket comes away and the wire digs into the gums!

If this is to happen, best to contact your Geelong orthodontist as soon as possible to arrange a time to have it fixed and place wax around the bracket that has come loose or use sharp nail clippers to trim the wire.

Pain relief:

If you experience discomfort and your teeth are tender to bite, stick to soft foods and use mild analgesic such as Panadol or nurofen if needed.

Keep your lips and mouth moist which will keep the braces from rubbing and causing ulceration

With this in mind, Fresh Smiles Orthodontics Geelong wish you and your family a joyful and problem free Christmas.