Are Invisalign teen braces right for my child?

As a parent, we understand that you want the best dental treatment for your child. Although braces have been the solution for years, people are now switching to Invisalign for their child to take full advantage of its flexibility, easy maintenance, and the fact that it is almost invisible, especially compared to traditional braces. At Fresh Smiles Orthodontics, we are happy to share some tips and educate parents about Invisalign as the right solution for teens today.

What is Invisalign teen?

Invisalign teen is the preferred option for teens today since it is practically invisible and achieves the same results as traditional braces. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners that are custom made to fit your teen’s teeth, as opposed to the wires and brackets of traditional braces. The set of aligners are replaced every two weeks to help the teeth gradually shift into place.

Invisalign VS. braces

Unless you suffer from an advanced dental condition, the Invisalign treatment can be as effective as traditional braces. Invisalign can effectively treat mild to severe cases, including underbite, overbite, overcrowding and gaps between the teeth.

Since the aligners are removable, they are much easier to maintain and can be taken out when they may be exposed to getting damaged. It’s a solution that fits a teen’s active lifestyle. If your teen plays sports for example, he or she won’t have to worry about damaging the braces if they were hit in the mouth by a ball. Invisalign also allows you to continue playing musical instruments, or eat sticky foods like popcorn or apples.

Confidence boost

With Invisalign, the transition to a beautiful and healthy smile is nowhere near as traumatising as braces can be in some cases. A lot of teens feel self-conscious about wearing braces or having crooked teeth, which can unfortunately really lower their confidence. Invisalign can become a solution to remove some of your teen’s anxiety and a way for them to continue playing sports or
Cost and treatment length

At Fresh Smiles Orthodontics, we always recommend that you visit with your orthodontist regularly and follow his advice since every patient’s condition is different and may require specific care. If your teen is approved to follow the Invisalign treatment, he or she should expect the treatment to last about as long as traditional braces.

In terms of costs to expect, Invisalign and traditional braces cost about the same amount. Most plans cover the Invisalign treatment but speak with your dental insurance adviser for more information. Fresh Smiles Orthodontics also offers flexible and affordable payment plans to accommodate your needs.

Contact Fresh Smiles Orthodontics for more information on Invisalign and see if it’s the right solution for you or your loved ones.