Things you should NOT do during Invisalign Treatment

The Invisalign treatment has revolutionised the modern orthodontics industry. Invisalign provides an invisible solution for teens today but just like braces and any dental treatment, it is important to take good care of the product to ensure its full effectiveness.

Here is a list of things you should NOT do during your Invisalign treatment, as recommended by the team at Fresh Smiles Orthodontics.

Don’t get them dirty

It’s important to drink nothing but water when your Invisalign aligners are in. Anything dark or highly pigmented food has the potential to stain your aligners, making them visible due to residue. Do your best to thoroughly brush and floss after eating to avoid staining the aligners.

Don’t scratch them

Help your aligners last the length of your treatment by taking good care of them. The aligners can get scratched or break if they are pulled out too suddenly, so be careful in how you handle them.

Don’t rush the treatment

During the treatment, the teeth need to move at a consistently slow and gentle pace to be effective. Rushing the treatment can cause tooth resorption or shrinkage which makes the teeth less stable and more likely to fall out with time.

Don’t play with it

The first couple of days during the Invisalign treatment are the most difficult as you get used to the aligners but after a few days, most people hardly notice their aligners anymore. During that
first period, it is important to leave the aligners alone. Avoid examining the edges of the aligners with your tongue or it may get scratched or sore.Invisalign case

Don’t leave them in

Before every meal, take a few seconds to safely remove the aligners and place them in their container. Eating while wearing the aligners could scratch or damage them which would delay the treatment and be costly. Again, also avoid drinking anything but water while wearing the aligners to avoid stains.

Don’t forget to brush

As often as you realistically can, do your best to brush and floss after every meal to keep your teeth and your aligners clean and free of bacteria that can cause bad breath. If you are not in an environment where you can brush and floss, another suitable option is to rinse your mouth with warm water or chewing sugarless gum.

For more information on the do’s and don’ts of the Invisalign treatment, Contact Fresh Smiles Orthodontics in Newtown or Belmont or visit our blog!