Keeping your teeth clean. Why is it important?

Well there are a number of good reasons to keep brushing your teeth.

Yep! We know it’s really boring to brush your teeth every day, yet alone two or three times after meals. But guess what? It is really good for your overall health and general dental hygiene!

The number one reason to ensure you brush your teeth regularly is to fight tooth decay, nothing is more valuable than a fresh smile especially a bright and healthy one!

It will also save on those dental bills and treatments that often result from decaying unhealthy teeth!

The second reason to endure you brush your teeth is to endure you don’t get gum disease! That’s right you gums can become very unhealthy if you don’t brush regularly.

The third reason is to ensure you don’t have smelly breath from all those horrible microbes and bacteria that can form in your mouth. And there is nothing worse than having bad breath around your friends and loved ones!

Have you ever heard of plaque! Well if you don’t brush your teeth regularly plaque can form in and around your teeth and will eventually build up and cause tooth decay, gum disease and seriously bad breath!

So do yourself a favour and brush your teeth regularly, your teeth and gums will be happy, your friends will be happy and you will always protect that beautiful fresh smile for years to come!

Ohh!! And don’t forget to floss! Flossing your teeth will get old food and plaque build up from in between your teeth making them clean and healthy!

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