What Makes Us Such A Great Fresh Smiles Team?

One of our clients commented the other day about our great team here at Fresh Smiles. It wasn’t just a passing comment the comment was heart felt and suggests that we have something really special going and it got us thinking; so we thought we would put a post together that tells the story of the people that make up our great team here at Fresh Smiles Belmont and Geelong. So what are the things that make our team so special.

We think the first thing is Trust, we all have different roles, but everyone comes together; from our reception staff, dental nurses, dental technicians, orthodontists and admin team, we all work towards a single goal as a team to deliver the very best patient experience every time. To trust eachother and grow to deliver a better patient experience.

We are not afraid to try new ways of doing things-Innovation!

At Fresh Smiles we embrace different ideas and opinions. Diversity creates ability. We as a team are always looking for the next great idea or solution. Our team at Fresh Smiles are leaders in the delivery of the Invisalign clear braces system throughout Australia and we are not afraid to try new ideas to give our patients better, fast results. Using new technologies like the Vibrapro that cuts treatment time in half in conjunction with the Invisalign system. The leaders in Invisalign in Geelong.

We are committed.

At Fresh Smiles being committed to the best patient delivery and outcome is paramount. Our team has the motivation and drive to support and deliver, getting things done. Because everyone has the same final goal of bringing the very best patient care and ultimate success to every patients care plan. Straightening teeth and creating beautiful smiles in Geelong.

We believe in and respect and support one another.

Respect one another’s opinions and ideas, backgrounds and personalities. A great team always thinks from the team point of view and all come together to support one another. We really do enjoy working together, as a team, to get things done and move things forward. That is what, we at Fresh Smiles call teamwork and that is what gives you the very best patient experience.

Finally we have fun together

We have fun, work train and play together, making an effort to share our hobbies, families, partners, kids, holidays and personal goals, We make the effort to know and understand our team because we know it goes a long way in helping our team perform and gel together to deliver the very best patient delivery in the Geelong Region.

Come and meet the Fresh Smiles Orthodontics, the Geelong Orthodontic specialist team at Belmont or Newtown today!