Playing Sport? Protect your teeth!

OK guys and girls, it’s that time of the year again! You know, the time when we see all sorts of impact related injuries to mouths, teeth and gums. A big reminder to footballers, it is vital that you guys and girls are wearing mouth guards!

The need to protect your teeth is particularly important when playing contact sports such as basketball, football, volleyball wrestling, soccer and hockey.

If you are engaging in non-contact sports such as gymnastics, or if you are engaging in any recreational activity such as skateboarding, mountain biking, rollerblading, or horse riding, it is also vital that you wear a protective mouth-guard at all times during the activity.

It’s really depressing to note that only a third of children aged 5-17 years wear a mouth guard while playing organised sports, even though other protective materials such as helmets are common. Mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment as not only do they save teeth, they also protect jaws.

Braces and Mouth guards

If you want to play sport whilst wearing braces or having orthodontic treatment, it is fine, but the only way to protect your teeth is with a mouth guard. At Fresh Smiles we recommend the re-moldable mouth guards, which can be found at chemists and sports stores. These are the best type to use as they will need to be re-molded each time you play sport, your teeth constantly move and change throughout treatment and these re-mouldable mouth guards are quick and easy to reshape prior to any sporting activity.

After your treatment is complete, we will make a mouth guard to fit your teeth correctly and snugly for you.

Invisalign Clear Aligners and mouth guards

Because the Invisalign Clear Aligner System is removable it may make the wearing of a mouth-guard a little easier. Please remember that the Invisalign Clear Aligners need to be removed prior to sporting activity. The Invisalign clear aligners are more convenient for sport and outdoor activities, because there are no protrusions from wires or brackets.

Please be aware! A mouth guard is highly recommended for all our patients who play sport or who are involved in outdoor recreational activity.

Talk to our staff at Belmont or Newtown in Geelong about the right mouth-guard for you.