Electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush?

At Fresh Smiles Orthodontics we are often asked if electric or manual toothbrushes are better for your teeth.

A consumer report by Cochrane’s has some informative reading!

In the past, Consumer Reports has said electric and manual toothbrushes are equally effective as long as your brush teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes, twice a day. … An electric toothbrush may help, however, if you have arthritis or a dexterity problem that makes thorough brushing difficult.

Compared with manual toothbrushes, electrics reduced dental plaque 21 percent more and gingivitis (i.e., inflammation of the gums) 11 percent more after three months of use, the team from Cochrane found.

More than half of the studies Cochrane researchers looked at involved rotating, oscillating electric toothbrushes featuring heads that spin swiftly in one direction and then the other. Other studies examined sonic toothbrushes that have vibrating brush heads; powered brushes that move side-to-side but don’t rotate; ones with tufts that move in different directions; as well as types that attempt to dislodge plaque via a mild electrical charge.

The researchers didn’t draw conclusions about the best kind of brush, but at Fresh Smiles we believe you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes at least twice a day or after meals.

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