How often do you need to attend Orthodontic appointments?

Have you been wanting to get the smile you deserve but have been struggling to figure out how you could possibly fit orthodontic appointments into your already busy schedule?!


If this is the reason you have been putting off Invisalign treatment? Then you obviously haven’t heard about Dental Monitoring. The DM App that allows you to snap your way to a straight smile with minimal appointments in the chair.


With three easy steps you are on your way;


Step 1: Download the Dental Monitoring app to your phone.



Step 2: You will be prompted through the DM App to take a configuration of 6 second scans/videos with your smartphone at regular intervals.


Step 3: The Dental Monitoring software will analyse your scans and provide us with photo’s that enable us to closely monitor your treatment progress!


Why you will love Dental Monitoring as much as we do!


  • Less appointments to fit into your schedule – more convenience for you!
  • You will only need to come into the practice for appointments every 10 weeks or so.
  • No need to worry about travel plans interfering with your Orthodontic treatment.
  • Greater communication between you and our team through the DM App – we will send you messages after each and every scan!
  • The scans you provide us are analysed by Artificial Intelligence providing us with accurate, fast results enabling our team to have more control over your treatment.
  • Great for young patients who may find it difficult to keep on track, or who may have trouble with oral hygiene.
  • More Control for us….Less Time for you!!

Dental monitoring allows you to work, travel, play, and enjoy life… all while achieving the smile you deserve!