COVID-19 and your Orthodontic appointment

To ensure we are playing our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19 we are putting some different protocols in place at our Belmont practice.

We want to make sure that our staff, patients and their families are safe and feel comfortable attending the practice during these challenging and different times.


What has changed?

We are asking, where possible, that ONLY the patient who has the appointment attends the practice. This helps us manage the patient flow and foot traffic that is entering the building and the practice.

If it is not possible for the patient to attend their appointment on their own, we welcome ONE support person into the clinical area with them.


We are also checking temperatures of both our staff and patients.

If we receive a temperature reading of above 37.3c we are asking that the patient reschedules their appointment for 24 hours.

If on their return, they are still reading a temperature above 37.3c, we will then ask them to receive a clearance from their GP before attending the practice again.

We can ensure you that if our staff read a temperature higher than 37.3c, they are also unable to attend work until a clearance has been given from their GP.


Hand sanitisers are placed around the reception and clinical areas and we encourage these to be used when entering and leaving the practice.


We are also asking that all patients brush their teeth before attending the practice. Tooth brushing will not be allowed in the practice at this time.

We will be asking patients to use an antibacterial mouthwash when they attend their appointment where necessary.


Although we are now allowed to tend to more than emergency patients, we do still have restrictions.

Due to these restrictions we may not be able to complete your appointment to its fullest.

We are doing our best to do as much as possible for all of our patients so that they can continue on their orthodontic journey to a new smile. Any procedures that require instruments that produce aerosols will not be completed.


These guidelines have been placed by our governing bodies to make sure we are all keeping safe and healthy.

Please stay isolated, safe and healthy!