Why straighten crooked teeth?

Besides the obvious point of straightening teeth, creating a perfect smile, why should you think about straightening crooked and crowded teeth with orthodontics?


Everyone will have their own reasons as to why they would like a straighter, brighter smile, but not all those reasons are the same.

When it comes to orthodontics, we not only straighten teeth to give you the smile you deserve, but we help create smiles that will last a lifetime and keep you overall, healthier.

Some of the more common reasons as to why you might choose to visit an orthodontist or why your General Dentist may refer you on to see an orthodontist are;

  • Crowded teeth.

When it comes to crowded teeth, it can be very hard to clean properly. Toothbrushes are not designed to brush in between teeth and even with flossing, when teeth are crooked and overlapping it may not be as effective as you would think. Being unable to clean correctly and leaving food between crooked and crowded teeth will cause long term issues, such as cavities and in some cases lead to teeth being extracted.

  • Tooth wear.

If teeth are twisted or on unusual angles, they may wear down quicker then teeth that are in alignment, leading to enamel damage which cannot be reversed.

  • Receding gums.

Gums are what surround and protect the tooth and their roots, helping them stay in place. If a crowded tooth is pushed outwards this can cause the gum around the tooth to recede and in the long term makes the tooth less stable. Receding gums cannot be reversed.

  • Lifestyle.

Some people will put off orthodontic treatment due to lifestyle. They do not want bulky metal braces effecting how they live their day to day life.

However, orthodontic treatment is just the opposite. Orthodontist are here to help improve your lifestyle!

Having straight teeth and a corrected bite will not only help you with the simple task of eating foods but can also improve your sleep. A jaw that is in alignment can help reduce grinding and clenching and can also help open the airway, improving quality of sleep.

PLUS, orthodontic treatment has come a long way, no more bulky braces and headgear. Traditional braces are smaller than ever, and we also offer Invisalign clear removable aligners, so we are sure to have a treatment that will fit right into your everyday!