Payment plan options for Orthodontic treatment

The biggest joy we receive at Fresh Smiles is when we see the impact of a healthy, straighter smile on our patients.

We often see the amazing change in the confidence and demeanour of many of our patients. People young and old have their confidence renewed and feel happier in themselves when they receive a new smile from Fresh Smiles!

However, we understand that with this new, well deserved smile, comes a total investment that sometimes may not be achievable which is why we offer our patients a number of different payment plan options.

Each treatment plan is personalised to the individual, so depending on how extensive the treatment required is will depend on the total treatment cost. We offer the below payment options to help out our patients and will always do our best to help out where we can.

Upfront payment

Paying an upfront, once off deposit, can mean that your total investment could be discounted. We offer upfront discounts and ‘start on the day’ treatment discounts for patients who complete their agreements on the day of their initial consultation.

Payment plan options

We offer payment plans that can be spread out over a period of up to 24 months depending on the treatment required. These payments are set up as direct debits and can be taken from the requested account either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The bonus with these direct debits is that you are not locked in, if you would like to pay off your payment plan sooner, you can do so.


We understand that in some cases the above options may not be suitable for some, and in some cases a patients orthodontic treatment plan may require additional fees from additional services, such as Jaw surgery.

In these cases we offer a service from SuperCare, a company that helps our patients access their super funds to pay for their treatment. We simply contact SuperCare and handover the patient details, they will then contact the patient directly and begin the application process. A service fee is required for this service and is paid directly to SuperCare, the patient will be reimbursed this amount from their superannuation once approved and if approval does not go ahead the patient will receive this fee back.