Benefits of smiling

At Fresh Smiles orthodontics we are dedicated to creating beautiful and healthy smiles.

Orthodontic treatment not only gives you teeth that are in alignment and a corrected bite, but gives you the confidence to smile, no more hiding those teeth! And with smiling comes a whole lot of other benefits that you may not realise.

Smiling lowers blood pressure

Did you know when you smile there is a reduction in your blood pressure?

Smiling makes us feel good

It has been proven that smiling releases endorphins which help us relax and brighten our moods.

Smiling makes you seem successful

Studies have shown that people who smile often appear more confident and are therefore more approachable and more likely to be promoted in their jobs.

Smiling is contagious

Next time you are walking down the street, smile at someone. It is almost certain that they will smile back! The part of your brain that controls smiling is an unconscious automatic response area, which means smiling can be completely unconscious. You can smile without even realising!

Smiling helps you look younger

The muscles we use to smile help lift the face, making us look younger! Smiling also makes us appear more attractive.

So, apart from a healthier smile created by either Invisalign treatment or traditional braces, smiling has a number of benefits. To book a consultation with Dr Craig Scott or Dr Vanessa Hawkins head to our book now page.